The Essential Guide to Regular Stormwater System Cleaning

The Essential Guide to Regular Stormwater System Cleaning

Stormwater drainage systems require regular and scheduled cleaning to make sure they do not get clogged. This ensures the safety of the community and maintains the value of property in the area. Let’s see how and why you should consider stormwater system maintenance a top priority.

Importance of Stormwater Systems

Prevent flooding: a clean drainage system does not let the water accumulate on the road or properties and keeps the track clear for people even in heavy rainfall.

Maintaining water quality: if rainwater accumulates and causes flooding, it might also affect surrounding waterbodies and aquatic health. It may also become a health concern if polluted water stays stagnant on properties.

Maintaining property value: clean roads and a peaceful environment add to the value of the neighborhood. If there are traces of flooding or property damage, no one would consider having it because of the constant trouble of maintenance.

Regular stormwater system cleaning practices


Depending upon the type of neighborhood you live in, generate a routine for how often you would clean the drainage system. If you have tall trees around, you may require daily cleaning to prevent leaves from clogging them.


Try running water through the system to check if it can bear heavy water pressure or if it requires cleaning. You may consider using water for the experiment to avoid wasting clean water. Car washing activity generally produces a large sum of water and can be an easy option to inspect the system.

Sediment removal

You may require vacuum pipes or pressure jets to remove accumulated waste from the system. Vacuums are easy to use for dry sediments at the bottom of catch basins and other collection points.

Benefits of seeking professional services

Advanced equipment

You may be able to clean it on your own to a certain extent. But for deep and thorough cleaning, it is better to hire professionals so that they may use their advanced equipment that takes less time and manual effort for better results.

Expert advice

For rainy cities like Seattle etc., experts can advise you better on how often it needs cleaning or if you can do it on your own or need professionals. Stormwater system maintenance seattle wa and other professional companies can be reached out to for guidance and expert help.


Those who have the responsibility as a job may advise you better on how to keep the cleaning and check-up documented so that you may know the dates and description of the services you get. Also, in times of need, you may show the local authorities that the problem was not on your side as you have undergone professional cleaning of your system.

As we discussed, it is better to have a regular and scheduled cleaning of your stormwater drainage system. Also, it is even better to seek professional help to ensure that you have left no stone unturned to ensure its cleanliness and have played your role in maintaining a healthy neighborhood.