Manual vs Motorised Roller Shutters

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In recent times, lots of homeowners are choosing to install roller shutters for their homes in Australia. This is because they provide a range of benefits such as security, privacy, insulation and noise reduction. However, the decision between manual or motorised roller shutters can be a difficult one. Don’t worry, you won’t leave this article without answers!

What is a Roller Shutter?

A roller shutter is a type of door or window covering which consists of many horizontal slats or louvres that are connected to one another; the shutters can be opened and closed either manually or automatically using electric motors. Placed on the outside of windows and doors, roller shutters provide privacy, security and insulation from the elements.

Benefits of Roller Shutters

Why invest in roller shutters from Uniblinds and other reliable companies? One of the biggest advantages of roller shutters is that they provide strong security. The sturdy aluminium slats are designed to resist forced entry, making them the perfect choice for protecting your home or business from intruders. Installing roller shutters is an excellent way to ensure that your property is shielded from vandalism and theft – many criminals will see these shutters and not even attempt to gain entry.

In addition to security, roller shutters are a great way to reduce energy costs. They provide excellent insulation and can block up to 70% of heat or cold from entering your property, helping you maintain a comfortable temperature while using less energy. What’s more, they can also block out bright sunlight and reduce noise pollution, creating a quieter atmosphere inside your home or business.

Manual vs Motorised Roller Shutters

Manual Roller Shutters

Manual roller shutters are a cost-effective option for your home as they require no electric power or motors to operate. They are usually opened and closed by winding a handle or turning a key to lock them into place. Typically, they are made from aluminium, steel or PVC and come in a variety of colours and styles to suit any building design.

Motorised Roller Shutters

On the other hand, motorised roller shutters are powered by an electric motor, which can be programmed to open and close the shutter at predetermined times. These shutters offer convenience and security, as they can be programmed to open and close automatically as needed. They are available in a variety of materials including metal, timber and PVC, and come in various sizes to fit any window or door.

Many motorised roller shutters also offer additional features such as sensors that detect when the shutters need to close and an alarm system that can be triggered if the shutter is tampered with. Sometimes, they are also connected to home automation systems so they can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app.

Choosing the Right Roller Shutters

When it comes to choosing the right roller shutters for your home, you need to consider a few factors. Firstly, think about how often you plan to use the shutters. If they will be used frequently, then a motorised system is likely to be more durable and reliable in the long run. On the other hand, if you only plan to use them occasionally, then a manual system may be better suited to your needs.

Secondly, think about the environment in which the shutters will be installed. If they are exposed to extreme temperatures, then motorised roller shutters may be more suitable due to their superior insulation capabilities. Additionally, they are much easier to operate in extreme weather conditions than manual roller shutters.

If you’re in doubt, contact experts and get the right shutters for your home!