Car crash in Tyrone: Follow the essential steps

No two auto accidents are the same, but as someone injured in such a mishap in Tyrone, you have to comply to the rules and take relevant steps. Georgia is a fault-based state for car accidents, and if someone caused the crash, they must pay a settlement, typically through their insurance carrier. Recovering money is often the most daunting task for claimants. If you don’t want to deal with things alone, get a car accident attorney. In this post, we share the things you must do immediately after.

  1. Remain at the scene: Don’t run away, assuming the crash is a minor one. Stay put and exchange insurance, registration, and contact details with the other party. It doesn’t matter who is at fault at this point, and you need information to take the next step to file a claim.
  2. Get medical care: If you are seriously hurt, don’t wait to find a doctor and call 911 immediately. Injuries related to car accidents are often evident days later, and it is always better to get checked. When you don’t need to go to the ER, see your physician. Also, maintain all records pertaining to your injury. Keep all bills and follow the advice of your doctor. If they recommend additional treatments, like physical therapy, maintain a file for your spending.
  3. Inform the police: You have to call and inform the local law enforcement of an accident that resulted in injury or death, according to the laws in Georgia. The officer will write a report, and you can ask them how to recover a copy of that. The police will investigate the case, and selected details could matter for your claim.
  4. Gather details that matter: Was someone present when the crash happened? If yes, they could be a witness, and you should ask for their contact details. It would help if you also used your phone to gather pictures to document your injuries and the extent of damage caused by the accident.
  5. Call an attorney: Hiring a professional legal counsel is not mandatory, but this step can change everything. Lawyers specializing in injury law in Georgia can offer the assistance you need and will ensure you don’t accept the first insurance offer. They will also evaluate facts, check the claim’s value, and negotiate on your behalf. If the insurance amount is unlikely to be enough, you can trust the attorney to go for a trial.

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