Aftercare Procedure for HIFU Cool Facial

Treatments using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) give individuals a great non-invasive, non-surgical option for skin tightening. The procedure uses focused ultrasound to promote the production of collagen, which helps firm up areas that can develop wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging.

It isn’t necessary, but adhering to several guidelines before and after a treatment will help it be most effective. HIFU is largely successful and flawlessly safe for home treatments using a portable HIFU device.

The collagen and elastin production of the treated areas is improved when the ultrasound energy enters the dermis of the face and neck. Collagen gives the skin its elasticity and structure. It is lost as we age and because of several health problems, manifesting things like facial wrinkles, sagging, etc.

Rose V Line is another treatment method that works similarly to the 無針埋線效果 of HIFU. It is available with four different probes for firming and lifting at different positions. The treatment method is available at the Retens, which is known for its skilled beauty professionals and advanced technology.

They try to use most of the painless and needle free methods to help their patients get a comfortable treatment.

Even though the process seems straightforward, it’s crucial to understand the aftercare for HIFU facelifts. Hyperpigmentation may result from improper HIFU post-maintenance. Adhering to your HIFU facial aftercare instructions increases treatment efficiency and guarantees long-term benefits.

You should keep up a good skincare regimen in addition to aftercare to keep your skin clear, healthy, and protected from the elements with sunscreen.

Correct aftercare treatment minimises complications, enhances and prolongs outcomes, and saves time, money, and trouble. The importance of basic care and pre-treatment steps is equal to that of aftercare.

A Day Before Treatment 

Make sure you don’t have any cold sores or blisters in the treatment area so that these can be quickly treated with an anti-viral medication. You won’t be ready for HIFU therapy until these have subsided.

D-Day of HIFU Treatment 

Do not apply moisturiser or makeup to the treatment area on the day of your 無針埋線 treatment. Make sure you have an ultrasound gel on hand before you start treatment because you will still need to apply it to the affected region.

HIFU Facial Aftercare Regimen

  • After receiving treatment, you must be cautious to stay out of the sun for a few weeks. Overexposure to UV rays can damage the epidermis in various ways, including hyperpigmentation, thus cover the treated area with sunshades, or a hat and protect it from harmful UV rays.
  • Sensitive skin may feel a little itchy, but scratching it will only cause skin harm. You must make every effort not to scratch the irritated area by simply splashing cold water on your face you can cool down the itchy area.
  • If you use cold water for the cleansing process will preserve the protective oils. If you must use hot water, make it lukewarm to guarantee that the skin oils are restored more quickly.
  • Proper hydration is always important, especially after any kind of medical or aesthetic procedure. Water helps you recover more quickly from HIFU treatments and rejuvenates collagen proteins in the treated area more effectively.

Above all remove all kinds of harmful things from your diet like alcohol, nicotine, tobacco, refined sugar, etc. little effort during aftercare can help you in long-lasting hifu 效果.