3 Suggestions for Parents Looking to Organise a Newborn Photoshoot for Their Child

The Professional Photographic Service industry in Australia is one of the biggest in the world, with a market capitalisation of $1 Bn, employing over 10,000 personnel in Australia alone, with most of the employees working in major regions such as Melbourne. This industry, which has 8,234 registered businesses as of 2022, has taken a downturn in economic activities, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and geo-political instability, as the average growth of the industry stands at 0.4% over the past five years. However, it is worth noting that it has also grown by 3.1% over 2022. One of the biggest sub-sectors of this industry is the baby photography segment, which has multiple divisions, such as the newborn photoshoot.

Parents fall head over heels in love with their babies the minute they see them. Most try to memorise how their child looks before they get bigger and cherish it for the rest of their lives. But a child grows quickly, and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between your child as every day goes by until you realise your child is no longer a toddler. And when you reach such a stage in your parenthood, you will find yourself struggling to remember the tiny person your baby once was. Here is where a newborn photoshoot comes in. However, there are some steps you could follow to make this process a lot simpler. This article lists a few such suggestions when organising a session of newborn photography in Melbourne for your child.

Scheduling Ahead of Time

Photographers usually do newborn photoshoots only when the baby is 5 to 14 days old. Since this is a very narrow window, you must plan. When you schedule in advance, both the photographer and you can better prepare for the session at Flagstaff Gardens or Treasury Gardens. This also ensures your photographer isn’t booked out between these days. By waiting till the last minute, you jeopardise all these plans and create bigger problems that wouldn’t arise in the first place if you had scheduled well in advance.

Keeping Your Baby Awake

Infants sleep a lot. And often, their sleep pattern doesn’t cooperate well with your plans. If you want to get a few adorable sleepy poses, keep them up until the photographer arrives. If you would like to get a few pictures of them when they are awake, give them enough time to rest before beginning the session of newborn photography in Melbourne. Having your baby sleep through the entire process is an excellent way to go about it, as that could give you some calm and peaceful photos of your baby at Fitzroy Gardens.

Feeding the Baby

Newborns have the worst hunger pangs, and you do not want the session to be disrupted because of their milk demands. By feeding your infant and burping them right, there are fewer chances of the baby crying amidst the mooing and the bleating at Chesterfield Farm, which could lead to a much more relaxed photo shoot. Please do not give them a big meal a few hours before the shoot. Instead, give them a small snack to get through the session if they are hungry mid-shoot. Since most shoots last two hours, there will be plenty of time to feed your child if they require refuelling during a demanding photo session. Keep an extra bottle handy if you use a formula to feed your child.

Final Remarks

The tips provided above are some of the most important suggestions to keep in mind during a session of newborn photography in Melbourne. While several other things could go wrong during such a session, following these basic tips shall do well in covering many bases.