Why is Timeshare Freedom Group facing backlash? Review 2022

The concept of a timeshare is quite popular but has drawbacks as well. Like any typical timeshare company Timeshare Freedom Group claims that they can terminate your contract with the help of a developer and eliminate the mortgage balances or maintenance fees. In reality, they will eliminate the charges, but they will take them from you for their agenda or fee.

And not only this, they also pressure clients to have more physical meetings than online meetings or calls. However, we recommend you avoid meeting in person for the first time, as they are infamous for pressuring potential prospects to sign up for their services. Simply put, they force their clients to take an interest in their services and hire them for their timeshare.

Reasons why people are quitting TFG “Timeshare Freedom Group.”

Recently, this exit company has received a backlash for a few reasons that are unacceptable to the clients or client prospects.

  • Lack communication

When trying to hire an exit, the company ensures you look for the ratings and how well they handle customer service or client communication. If the company is dedicated enough, they will easily assign you a property manager who can be contacted anytime around the clock. But unfortunately, multiple Complaints on Timeshare Freedom have been raised regarding not receiving any update on their case lately. And not even receive a phone call regarding their follow-ups.

  • Mixed reviews

Yes, Timeshare Freedom Group has received mixed reviews lately. Wherein the negative reviews are more and have a prominent effect on the company. Slowly and gradually, clients started speculating about this company’s red flags. TFG runs its services through automation. They autopilot send invites to specific people and ask them to leave a review. And this is not merely a statement. We have even noticed automated invites, sending replies which can force a person to question the legitimacy of these reviews.

  • Non-trustable on refunds  

Although Timeshare Freedom Group promises to terminate your timeshare contract within 24 months legally, the company faced backlash here as well. They not only failed to fulfil their promise but did not even request the client to extend the 24-month money-back guarantee to 30 months. Similar to this example, there are various scenarios where Timeshare Freedom Group lacked coordination and got infamous for returning the refunds.

There are other drawbacks that the clients have reported in the form of complaints –
  • Timeshare Freedom Group is mostly closed on weekends.
  • It does not offer Escrow, one of the company’s major and most important aspects.
  • It does not have BBB Accredited, which is why the company is considered non-trustable
  • Does not even offer credit protection to their clients
  • The company looks suspicious as they do not have detailed information about their Bio, Staff Members, or other details like – Photos.
  • Timeshare Freedom Group is not even transparent with its business practices.
  • This exit company has faced many Complaints on Timeshare Freedom
  • Even have deceptive communication toward Money-back Guarantee.

Since this company has received mixed reviews from everybody, it’s difficult to say that it has ultimately failed at serving its clients. So, we recommend exploring your options before hiring a team for your timeshare contracts. Bu surely, it’s difficult for the Timeshare Freedom Group to bring their trust back in the clients. However, if you feel any timeshare or exit companies have misled you, you can contact your lawyer or professional attorney to fight back your case.