Which is a limitation of the grammar checker tool

Grammar checker is a feature in word processors and text editors. It checks the grammar and spelling of written material. It identifies errors such as incorrect word usage, misplaced modifiers, and dangling participles. Grammar checkers are designed to identify these types of errors by examining each sentence and checking it against a list of rules that specify how sentences should be formed correctly. Some grammar checkers allow users to correct mistakes by automatically making changes in the text; others show corrections but don’t automatically make them for users; still others do not provide any correction at all

It only allows one correction at a time.

The grammar checker tool only allows one correction at a time. It does not allow you to correct multiple errors at the same time, or even in separate sentences. This means that if there are two errors in one sentence and three errors in another, the grammar checker will only be able to correct the first error because it’s a single sentence.

The grammar checker is also unable to recognize tense changes or other parts of speech problems within longer chunks of text—for example, saying “I went from my home to school today” instead of “I went home yesterday and studied for an hour before going back out again this morning.”

It does not support the auto-correct function.

The grammar checker tool does not support the auto-correct function. It only identifies grammatical errors, but it cannot correct them.

It also does not run in the background and can only work on sentences. It can’t tell you if any of the improvements it provides are grammatically correct or not.

It does not run in the background.

One of the limitations of this tool is that it can only be used on a single document at a time. Therefore, you can not use it to check multiple documents at once or while you are working on them.

It also does not run in the background, so if you close your file or browser window then any changes that were made by the grammar checker tool will be lost and need to be re-done.

It does not correct spelling errors.

The grammar checker tool is not a spell checker, and it doesn’t attempt to correct spelling errors. If you have a word in the wrong tense or an incorrect word that’s spelled correctly, the grammar checker won’t catch it.

You might think that since this tool is www.grammarchecker.com it should be able to find any kind of grammatical mistake, but that’s not how these tools work. The words “grammar” and “spelling” each refer specifically to only one type of error: spelling errors are found by looking at how letters are spelled; grammar errors are found by looking at the relationships between words in your sentences (like subject-verb agreement).

Therefore, if you have a sentence like this one: “The dog jumped over the fence” then your grammar checker will tell you everything is fine because there aren’t any problems with this sentence’s syntax; all parts of speech agree with each other properly, so there are no “errors” per se that need fixing! However…

It can only identify fragments and run on sentences.

One thing that you should be aware of is that the grammar checker tool can only identify fragments and run on sentences.

A fragment is a group of words that does not form a complete sentence. Fragments are often used as transitional phrases, but they may also be used in place of more complex sentences. (For example: “I have an idea,” or “This is important.”)

The Grammarly app will not highlight these types of fragments unless you add punctuation at the end of your phrase.

It cannot tell you which sentence improvements are grammatically correct.

The grammar checker tool is not a grammar checker. It’s just a spell checker. It does not tell you which sentence improvements are grammatically correct and which ones aren’t, or even if they’re stylistically correct or logically correct. The Grammarly editor will flag an error in your writing, but it won’t tell you what you need to do to fix it!

If I have time limitations for my writing projects, then this can be really frustrating because it makes me spend more time trying to figure out the mistakes than I would like too.


The Grammarly grammar checker is a great tool to help you identify grammatical errors in your writing. However, it has some limitations that you should be aware of when using it. If you want to know more about how the Grammarly grammar checker works, check out our blog post about how it works here!