What Qualifications do You Need for A Remote Tax Preparer Job

A remote tax preparer job is one of the most rewarding careers you can have. Not only do you get to help people, but you also get to make money doing it. However, because it’s so popular now and there are so many different types of jobs out there, it can be hard to find which one is best for you. We’re going to cover how much income each type makes, what education or experience is required for each type of work, as well as what kind of personality traits are needed to succeed at these jobs!

Accounting Degree

You need a college degree in accounting for a remote tax job. This can be an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, but you will probably have more luck with a bachelor’s degree at the minimum. If you have some experience already and don’t feel like going back to school, you might also consider getting a certificate in accounting by taking some online classes or attending night school.

There are also graduate-level courses available for those who want to go further than just a bachelor’s degree. You may even want to consider pursuing your master’s if you go into this field full time because there are many benefits that come with obtaining it: namely, higher earning potential and prestige within the field itself as well as other areas such as management and leadership roles within large companies where employees often need access.

Enrolled Agent

Enrolled agents are licensed by the IRS. They have passed a three-part test and must also pass continuing education courses every five years to maintain their license. Enrolled agents can represent taxpayers who are dealing with audits or appeals, as well as prepare tax returns for individuals and businesses.

Certified Public Accountant

The Certified Public Accountant designation is a professional license that all accountants must earn in order to practice their profession. As per the experts at Intuit, “CPAs are the highest level of qualification for an accountant, and they can offer many advantages to those who want to become remote tax preparers.”

You may be wondering: why would I need a CPA? Isn’t my Bachelor’s degree enough? The answer is no, not in this case! While your Bachelor’s degree will help you get started on your career path toward becoming a tax preparer, it does not give you all the skills needed for this important role. There are two main reasons why having a CPA designation can benefit your future as a remote tax preparer:

  • It shows employers that you are qualified for the job
  • It shows clients that you know what you’re doing when filing taxes

You’ll need to have either a professional designation or educational credentials. Your designation should be either CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or EA (Enrolled Agent). The reason why you need this is that the IRS only allows people with these designations to legally prepare tax returns for clients. If you don’t have one of these designations, then you cannot legally prepare taxes for clients at all.

With the right experience and education, you can be the next person to make a living from home as a tax preparer. If you are looking for a job that allows you to work from anywhere with flexible hours, this may be an option worth exploring.