What Happens When the Basement Foundation Cracks?

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Foundation cracks are a very common foundation problem. It is important to note whether the crack remains the same over a period of time or continues to grow. Ottawa Basement Contractors are professionals who can help evaluate the cracks and determine their cause They also help in fixing the problem. If the crack is left unattended, the problem could put you in a costly situation.

What are the Causes of Foundation Cracks?

There are certain reasons why the foundation may become damaged or cracked. Home Renovation In Ottawa helps repair, renew, and restore the house in good condition.  Some of the causes of foundation cracks are –

  1. Plumbing leaks – Many times plumbing leaks can cause major foundation problems. A small leak can result in serious problems if left unattended.
  2. Poor foundation construction – It is very important to use the right material during the foundation process to prevent further problems. If the correct quality and quantity of material are not used, it will result in foundation cracks.
  3. Soil Condition – Before building a house, the testing of the soil is always recommended. In some areas, the clay content is found in the soil which results in seasonal movements. The stable foundation is made with the help of the uppermost layer of the soil.
  4. Drainage system – Excessive water can also cause foundation cracks. A proper drainage system is required to remove the excess water from the house. It helps in preventing water-like damage in the house.
  5. Big trees– Growing big trees near houses is not a good idea. Though it may look good. The roots of the trees will take the moisture of the soil. This moisture in the soil keeps the foundation stable.
  6. Evaporation – The soil can be dried out by dry wind and hot weather. When the soil is dry, cracks in the foundation may appear.
What are the Warning Signs of Serious Foundation Cracks?

Houses take time to settle down. A little bit of unevenness is not the cause of panic. Though you need to be alert for the signs that can cause serious problems. The signs are –

  1. Cracked walls –When the foundation is not settled properly then it moves. Although it was not meant to move. When the walls started leaning inward, there is something serious with the foundation that needed to be repaired.
  2. Weird smells – A strange or unusual smell in the house can be the cause of the unsettled foundation. If you smell weird, then it can be an issue related to the foundation.
  3. Uneven floors– If marble is not able to set on the floor properly without rolling, then there is an issue with the foundation. Uneven floors are one of the direct results of foundation cracks.
  4. Unusual Humidity – If the structure of the house is not aligned properly then the outside or the underground humidity can enter the living area. It can seriously damage the house.
  5. Crooked doorways – Doorways become parallelograms rather than to be in rectangular shapes. The rectangular doors are not able to fit in them. This is the most acknowledged sign of a crack in the foundation.
How to Fix Foundation Cracks?

The most important step when you see a foundation crack is to get it repaired by a professional. The minor cracks need not be repaired but the cracks that are major need to be repaired. Vertical cracks can be fixed by urethane caulk or epoxy concrete. But when we talk about horizontal cracks, it needs to be repaired by a professional. This is a sign of a bigger problem and needs immediate attention.