Top amenities offered in an aged care home

Choosing an aged care home is a crucial decision and one that will have a lasting impact on your loved one. Before doing so, it is vital to consider the facility’s top amenities. Below are just a few of the benefits you can expect.

Dining options

Creating an environment where residents can choose what they want to eat is essential to quality of life in aged care homes. It is important to provide meals that provide adequate nutrition and are enjoyable.

Research shows that providing choices at meals can promote residents’ meal consumption. However, there needs to be more information in the Australian Aged Care Standards on translating this into practice.

This study aimed to assess the menu planning practices of residential aged care homes (RACHs) in Australia. The study included a national menu survey and a food service and meal environment tool. The tool allows for structured observations and provides a platform for residents to provide feedback.

One of the main aims of this study was to assess the range of choices offered on the main meals on the menus. The quality of menu planning and menu variety was also assessed.

The main meal types examined were: hot breakfast, morning tea, afternoon tea, and evening dinner. The homes were asked to provide details on the food items, portion sizes, frequency of fortification menu strategies, and barriers to menu planning.

The homes were also asked to detail the process for menu planning and how they chose the menu items. Most of the houses used a cyclical menu. The most familiar menu cycle was four weeks.

The study found that residents needed an excellent choice of menu items. It was particularly true for residents on texture-modified diets. However, the Australian Aged Care Standards mention that residents can choose texture-modified foods.

On-site spa, barber shop and beauty salon

Visiting a spa or salon in an aged care facility can be a refreshing change of pace. Whether you need an entire body or a haircut, you’ll have no shortage of options. Most are happy to accommodate residents requiring respite care and will happily work with you on a schedule that fits your needs. 

A salon is a great way to maintain a grooming routine, and will allow you to spend quality time with a friend or loved one without having to leave the community. Some communities even offer on-site health and fitness clubs to help residents keep fit.

Bathrooms and surroundings

Creating an environment of assistance in the bathroom is essential to home health care. It gives the person a sense of independence and improves their emotional and physical health.

The bathroom should be warm and welcoming. Using contrasting colours can make it easier for people with impaired vision to use the facilities.

A raised toilet seat can be an excellent help for residents who have mobility problems. It makes it easier to get up and sit down, reducing the effort the elderly must exert.

The bathroom is an important area to consider for seniors with health problems. It should be equipped with handrails and bath seats. If a person is having difficulty standing, there should be a chair or stool for them to use.

Getting out of a bathtub or shower is the second most common cause of bathroom injuries. Seniors who have poor balance or blood pressure fluctuation may have difficulty standing. They are also more likely to fall over the side of the tub or shower.

Having a bath bench can make bathing more comfortable for senior residents. This seat extends over the side of the tub and has two legs on the floor.

The bathroom should be well-lit. Lighting should be positioned in a way that makes it easy to see. Having a nightlight can reduce the risk of injury at nighttime bathroom visits.

Towels should be easy to reach and identify. They should also be easy to clean and maintain. There should be plenty of space for toiletries. There should also be room for the elderly to use a wheelchair.

Emergency alert systems

Having an emergency alert system in your aged care home can make a big difference to the safety of the residents. It provides immediate help in case of a health emergency. It can also help to ensure that seniors stay in their homes.

Emergency alert systems for aged care homes come in many forms and can be tailored to meet various needs. These features include upgraded home security systems, GPS trackers, and medication reminders. Click here to learn more about the aged care home.

Emergency alert systems for aged care homes also provide a quick way to call emergency services. Most systems include an emergency response centre, so the person calling the emergency line will receive the appropriate help.

Some systems include automatic fall detection and contacting help when a fall is detected. Other systems may consist of a GPS tracking service, which can be helpful in case the senior is missing.

Extended care services

Taking the time to learn about the comprehensive care services your neighbourhood senior care provider offers can pay dividends in the long run. For one, you will be spared the agonising task of deciding which provider is best for you. For another, you’ll have a better idea of what’s in store for you and your loved ones. For yet another, you’ll be armed with the knowledge of where to turn to sift through the plethora of providers for the best match. 

Using a senior care provider as your guide will allow you to relax and reap the benefits of the best care and pampered pampering. The best part? Those services can be found at an affordable price in your backyard.