Safe Car Transport for Dealership

Transporting cars from one country to another is no big deal now. With good auto transport companies in the market, the process of shipping cars to a dealership is the safest, quickest, and most affordable way. As a dealer, if you are looking for delivering cars to customers or want a reliable way to receive new stock then open car shipping can be a secure and safe way to ship cars.

Open car shipping

Open car shipping is the popular form of auto transport in which the trailer can move up to 10 vehicles at a time. Although the trailer is open from all sides making the cars exposed to dust, grime, and weather elements, the vehicles are safe and secured during the transit. Reliable auto transport companies ensure safety and security while moving cars across the country through open carriers.

Looking for a reliable auto transport company

When looking for a good and reliable auto transport company, Ship A Car, Inc. has always been providing affordable and worry-free vehicle shipping and freight transportation services across the US including Alaska and Hawaii. Their team of experienced and dedicated transport professionals offers seamless service right from issuing the quote to the delivery of your vehicle at the final drop destination. Whether you need to transport your car to a new location or ship your boat for a vacation or sale, Shiply provides specialized services to meet your needs. Their experienced transporters handle the logistics of loading, securing, and transporting vehicles, ensuring their safe delivery.

Take their services for transporting your dealership vehicles as their fully bonded and insured carriers will do everything they can to make sure your vehicle is safe during the entire shipping process.

How is open car shipping beneficial?

Open car shipping is the most affordable option especially if you are shipping multiple numbers of vehicles at a time.

  • Since this method is the industry standard, the shipping service is possible on short notice even for a dealership.
  • It transports up to 10 vehicles at a time which saves fuel and time allowing the carrier to provide the service at a cheap rate.
  • The process is quick and effective as carriers can move a broad variety of them no matter how heavy, tall, or small a vehicle is.

Safety and security of cars

Open trailers provide more than enough safety. They are built with metal bars and beams that surround the vehicles and deflect a variety of objects. Moreover, the vehicles do not have any wear and tear. The vehicles are locked and secured with chains or a locking system and the driver takes all required precautions to make sure nobody else can access the cars.

How do dealers benefit from hiring an auto shipping company?

Hiring an auto transport company for shipping dealership vehicles has lots of benefits.

It allows you to

  • Have vehicles picked up from auctions and get them delivered to the dealership.
  • Manage dealer trades easily as the vehicle to be picked and the other to be delivered can be done at the same time.
  • Maintain an updated inventory of vehicles that is always in stock.
  • Meet the level of supply and demand of the customers.
  • The speedy sale of vehicles.
  • Boost the profits from each vehicle sold.

Hire a reliable auto transport company without a second thought as it is always a safe and secure option whether for transporting a personal vehicle or for a dealership.