MrBeast, who is the new YouTube King?

MrBeast surpassed PewDiePie, who had been the most subscribed YouTuber for a few years, to become the platform’s most subscribed YouTuber, with 112 million subscribers.

When you order the top 100 YouTube channels by subscriber counts, you can see who is swiftly rising to the top. MrBeast, or Jimmy Donaldson, has soared to the top of the charts. Jimmy is a Streamy Award all-star, having been nominated for seven and winning two. He was named “Creator of the Year” at the tenth and eleventh annual Streamys, and he was named “Breakout Creative” at the 2019 Streamys. When he originally posted movies on YouTube 9 years ago, there doesn’t appear to be any way to stop him. He intends to grow his YouTube following.

From what we know about his career so far, it seems likely that he will become the most-followed person in the world. So, just what is MrBeast’s winning formula? Particularly at the tender age of 23. While you are familiar with Google Adwords and SEO, you are absolutely lost when it comes to YouTube. Users like Vsauce, Smosh, and Ray William Johnson established the norm for how to create a large subscriber base on YouTube in the early days. It used to be easy to research the successes of other channels, but today’s cluttered environment makes this tough. Someone would say that no one is generating entertainment that is pleasurable for everyone these days, but that was before they saw MrBeast.

Jimmy has maintained his firm in North Carolina, where he grew up, since he was a child. It’s mind-boggling to consider the scope of MrBeast’s modern business. He and his dedicated crew construct and shoot absurd game scenarios like “Last to remove their hand from the Lamborghini, keeps it” and “Last to leave $800,000 island, keeps it.” Yet he also conducts big humanitarian activities, donating millions of dollars and attempting to clean up the oceans. When it comes to MrBeast, you either go big or go home.


MrBeast’s YouTube prowess is undeniable. His achievement can be attributed to the wisdom he has acquired. He discusses how, even as a young boy, YouTube filled nearly all of his thoughts in an engaging and enlightening conversation with Colin and Samir. He was only interested in viewing YouTube how-to videos. Instead of paying attention in class, he was thinking about his future achievement while watching YouTube videos. Jimmy is a man of many ideas, which is why his videos have millions of views. All of these videos are built on ludicrous concepts that encourage you to watch them. What type of person wouldn’t want that?

Never “clickbaity”

When considering whether or not to watch a video on YouTube, the title and thumbnail should be your first considerations. The content of the video must be well presented in both settings or it will be labeled as clickbait. MrBeast’s videos stand out because his ideas are so daring and outrageous that they border on clickbait.

In reality, all that may be needed to explain any given movie idea is a single still image and a few words. What’s fascinating is how the thumbnails contradict so many conventional thumbnail conventions while yet attracting viewers. MrBeast did not utilize a significantly changed image that indicates a polished finish for the thumbnails of this movie, keeping in mind the video’s amateurish appearance.


Many YouTubers erroneously depend on their own personalities to obtain fame. MrBeast couldn’t be more unlike in terms of content. While MrBeast’s personality clearly had a large number of committed fans, it was his ability to surf the wave of platform fads by inventing outrageous circumstances that ultimately enhanced his channel. His most popular videos include a Fortnite charity series, a money challenge in which he was the last person standing, and a Lego home build. There is a sense of urgency since this is not your typical web video stuff; rather, it is a show.

Have a peek at the duration of a typical MrBeast video. The site promotes films that are 10 minutes or longer because it appears to be the sweet spot for the bulk of YouTube users.

Despite spending millions of dollars on each video and giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars, he is able to generate more money from his stuff than he does from creating it. If only we had been chosen to appear in his video and win the grand prize! What would you do if you won money while playing MrBeast? What are your feelings towards retaining it? Get a mortgage? Do you want to buy a car? Perhaps a luxurious vacation?Check out for ideas on your possible luxury vacation.

Riding at the back of Pewds

Among all the examples of people seeking to cash in on a trend, MrBeast’s support of the PewDiePie VS T-Series membership controversy is the most noteworthy and longest-lasting. For years, PewDiePie, a.k.a. Felix Kjellberg, a Swedish YouTuber, has had more subscribers than any other channel. T-Series, an Indian channel, has recently surpassed Felix as the most subscribed to worldwide. This spurred the vlogging community to pick a side and rally behind their favorite contender. The great majority of them emerged from PewDiePie-themed fan blogs, music videos, and artwork. MrBeast’s nearly limitless enthusiasm for convincing complete strangers to “Subscribe to PewDiePie” is one of his distinguishing features. He’s bought advertising in every newspaper and blasted PewDiePie’s name a hundred thousand times on the radio.


As YouTube’s algorithm has changed significantly in the last year, the number of times a video is uploaded in a year is no longer a strong predictor of how many people will view it. As a result, despite having a lesser audience than their competitors, some stations are creating more content. MrBeast often publishes fresh stuff three times each week. Nonetheless, YouTube’s sustained interest in his videos might be attributed to his high clickthrough rate (CTR). The algorithm now decides which videos to promote based on the click-through-rate (CTR) of the video. Limiting weekly uploads to two or three times per week will offer your video some breathing room. When you initially post your video, it will get considerably more views than one released two or three days earlier. After that video, if you start publishing more regularly, those views will migrate to a newer one. Both videos will be seen due to their freshness on YouTube, but the more recent upload will most likely attract more comments and shares. Uploading on a daily or near-daily basis is not recommended since it may reduce the clickthrough rate of your other videos.

Video Format

We looked at MrBeast’s video file types as a final point of investigation. His channel is intriguing in part because he does not focus on a certain genre but instead blends themes from several sources. MrBeast’s movies use features from other video genres, such as listicles, response videos, challenges, and commentary videos, to keep viewers interested throughout the film.


MrBeast’s antics are educational since they may be utilized as a model for improved behavior. Evaluate the power of a single picture to convey your message, then experiment with the many video formats available on YouTube to create something that will instantly connect with your target group. Consider what’s trending on social media and how you might contribute to the conversation to create content that will be current all year. Lastly, to prevent boring your viewers to death, aim for an average watch time of 7 minutes or more and upload fresh content on a semi-regular basis. Your audience will sense your passion for producing and will help you spread the word.