How to make Cupcakes and cookies

I believe that there is nothing like homemade pastries for breakfast. Although sometimes you are a little lazy and it is easier to resort to industrial pastries, it is worth investing a little time in preparing recipes like these condensed milk Cupcakes.

I love the taste of this ingredient. Sometimes, I replace the sugar in the coffee with milk with it, and I assure you that the taste is delicious. With this recipe, you will get a sponge cake with a different sweet spot than usual, which will surely hook you.

for nine people

Condensed milk 200 g

Eggs 2

mild olive oil 75 ml

pastry flour 150 g

Chemical yeast one teaspoon

Lemon zest 1

sugar for sprinkling

How to make condensed milk Cupcakes
Difficulty: Easy

total time 40 m

Elaboration 20 m

Cooking 20 m

Repose 5 m

We start by beating the eggs with condensed milk and olive oil. Then, add the lemon zest and beat again. Then, we incorporate the flour with the yeast, previously sifted and remove it with a spatula so that everything is integrated.

Cover the mixture and store it in the fridge overnight, fill the capsules up to 3/3 parts, and sprinkle a little sugar on each.

Introduce the tray to the oven preheated to 180ºC and cook them for about 20 minutes or until pricking it with a toothpick comes out clean. Open the range and let them rest for 5 minutes to cool completely.

With what to accompany the condensed milk Cupcakes

This recipe for condensed milk Cupcakes provides a fluffy dough ideal for dipping in the morning coffee with milk. So that they do not dry out too much, keep the ones left over in an airtight bag. In this way, they will be well preserved.

Cookies with condensed milk and caramel chocolate 

Preparing cookies at home is amazing. To begin with, the aroma that fills the kitchen when they are baked is the best of air fresheners and when they have cooled down enough to be tasted, checking that the result is as expected is amazing. You will be delighted with these condensed milk and caramel chocolate cookies without eggs.

If you have a little one around, ask them to help you. They are always willing to help, and if it comes to lending a hand in the kitchen, even more so. The result may not be as perfect as you would like, but it is worth it.

for 24 units

caramel dark chocolate 200 g

Butter 25 g

Condensed milk 185 g

teaspoon liquid vanilla 0.5

pastry flour 115 g

teaspoon chemical yeast 1

salt a pinch

How to make condensed milk and chocolate caramel cookies without eggs

Difficulty: Easy

total time 40 m

Elaboration 30 m

Cooking 10 m

We start by preheating the oven to 180ºC and lining a baking tray with baking paper. We reserve it. Then we chop the chocolate with a kitchen robot. If we do it with the Thermomix, we chop it 10 sec/speed 5. We lower the chocolate stuck to the walls with a spatula towards the bottom of the robot we use.

If we use Thermomix, add the butter and program 4 min/50º/speed 2. Mix the condensed milk and vanilla for 30 sec/speed 3. Add the flour, baking powder and salt and mix 20 sec/speed 3.

If we do not use the Thermomix, the butter has to be at room temperature so that it has softened. We add it to the chocolate that we have chopped and stir so that everything is integrated. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.

Then, with a teaspoon, we take portions of dough the size of a walnut (approx. 20 g) and put them on a tray slightly apart. Bake for about 10 minutes and let cool before removing them from the tray, so they take on enough body.

With what to accompany the condensed milk cookies and caramel chocolate without eggs

I advise you not to remove these cookies from the oven tray until they are very cold. This way, you will prevent them from breaking. To store these condensed milk and chocolate caramel cookies without eggs in the best conditions, put them in a box with an airtight seal. In this way, they will not soften. Instead, they are delicious with a glass of cold milk.