How Do You Secure An Electric Scooter

Due to their ease and affordability, electric scooters are growing in popularity. However, theft rates are rising as well. If you leave your scooter at home, you might feel anxious about it being stolen. Your scooter should be secured. However, thieves are not allowed to take it.

Some electric scooter can even be transported and stored safely under your desk. Because they are heavier and heavier, however, it is not possible to transport the larger ones. Are you tempted to trust in your luck and hope for the best? Nope. No.

There are several ways you can protect your scooter from wandering hands. You can’t protect your scooter from every attack, but these steps will reduce risk and increase your sense of security.

How Do You Lock Your Electric Scooter Properly?

The following are some important things to keep in your mind when locking an electric scooter.

1. Find the Right Lock For Your Electric Scooter

Locks come in many sizes so make sure you choose the right size to lock for your scooter. Find the lock that is right for you.

These points are where locks can be attached or tied. These can be the handlebars or e-scooter stems as well as any gaps in your scooter design.

You should buy at least one lock per scooter for maximum security. It is more affordable to buy multiple locks than to purchase a brand-new scooter.

2. Locate a Safe, Secure Area to Park Your Scooter

Make sure your scooter is visible to others while you’re looking for a parking spot. This decreases theft risk as thieves are less likely to steal from people in crowds.

Avoid parking your scooter where it is difficult to see, such as in an alleyway or parking lot. A second step to protect your scooter is to park within the view of the security camera. This prevents theft from happening if your ride is stolen.

3. Lock the Scooter to an Attachment

So you have searched for the perfect spot where to park your scooter. Now what? You should park your scooter near a fixed fixture that cannot easily be moved or cut.

4. Locking Points – Secure the Electric Scooter

Your chosen scooter lock will be used to fasten your scooter to the fixture. There should be no gap between the scooter and the fixture. The scooter should also be tightly wrapped. Use a chain lock to ensure the fixture is securely wrapped.

You can lock your scooter around the stem, folding mechanism, and/or carrying handle.

5. Cover Your Electric Scooter

Even though this step can be taken at your discretion, it is important to take it for maximum security. You can make your electric scooter more obscured and less appealing by covering it. Covering your scooter protects it from rain and dust.

Which Electric Scooter Lock should you Use?

There are several things you need to take into consideration when choosing the best electric scooter locking device. First, determine your risk level before you start looking for the perfect scooter lock. If you live near a high-risk zone, the best lock for you is the strongest.

U-locks, ring locks, and chain locks are among the most durable locks on the market today. The U lock has a double-bolted, hardened steel locking mechanism on both ends of the shackle. Therefore, it should be cut twice to release it. It is possible to also remove the chain lock from a motor scooter. These locks are excellent for high-risk areas because they resist cutting and breaking.