Enhance Your Glow and Reduce Your Plastic Footprint in 4 Steps

Skincare is a permanent part of everyone’s lives. From washing your face to wearing and removing makeup, it is hard to imagine a lifestyle without beauty care—but did you know your skincare routine compromises the environment? Most beauty products contain plastic, contributing to Earth’s decay. It also harms your skin. Skincare providers like Shop Naturally have embarked on a plastic-free journey.

You can care for yourself and nourish this planet with natural and organic products. Sustainable skincare is the new routine; ecological beauty products give you glowing skin and reduce your plastic footprint. If you want to join the no-plastic revolution, this guide will make your switch to environmentally friendly products seamless and satisfactory.

Say No to Packaging

Opting for package-free shipping is the first step towards rejuvenating your skin and the environment. The majority of beauty products are shipped in plastic covers. Not only does plastic packaging use plastic, but it also results in you accumulating it or discarding it, which harms the planet. On the other hand, sustainable brands are taking the zero-waste route by promoting unpackaged products. When ordering soap bars or facial creams, purchase them in solid forms to avoid plastic packaging.

Additionally, some companies ask for your shampoo bottles. Instead of shipping a new item, they refill your old bottle, reducing plastic consumption. Rather than plastic packaging, you can choose glass packaging. Glass keeps your item safe, and you can recycle and repurpose it—something plastic does not allow.

Purchase Recyclable Products

The second stage of your plastic-free journey involves purchasing recyclable and reusable products. Most skincare products can only be used once, such as facemasks. Instead of using one-time use cotton buds, you can move to repurpose cotton buds to adopt the zero-waste lifestyle. For instance, if you need cotton swabs to wipe your makeup, you can buy reusable balls. Rather than throwing cotton, you can wash and reuse it.

Take Baby Steps

Turning your entire makeup kit around at once can feel overwhelming. While the prospect of switching to ecological products might boost your excitement, start your transition one step at a time. For instance, if your body wash takes its last breath, order a soap bar instead of purchasing another bottle. Starting from a single product and gradually working your way up the ladder gives you time and space to adjust to the sudden transition. Additionally, it allows you to conduct thorough research regarding different brands and stores, such as Shop Naturally, to make informed decisions.

Begin with Daily-Use Products

It would be easy to switch to plastic-free products if you start with immediate bathroom items. Even if you don’t wear makeup daily, you tend to use your face wash, body wash, moisturiser, shampoo, and condition every day. Starting your transition from bathroom products allows you to build a habit. On the other hand, choosing plastic-free daily-use items in your favourite scent and design will make your move comfortable and effective.

Once you adjust to shower products, you can begin using natural combs. Instead of plastic hairbrushes, buy wooden ones. Additionally, wooden brushes won’t damage your hair, unlike plastic ones. You can also use reusable face cloths instead of single-use makeup remover wipes.

Wrapping Up

Stores like Shop Naturally are making a conscious effort to give you a better skincare routine and help the Earth. Plastic-free products work two-fold: they are safe for your skin and help you preserve the environment. Reduce your plastic footprint; choose organic products.