Dos and Don’ts of Water Cooler Maintenance

You must clean and disinfect your water cooler every time you change the water bottle. Disinfecting the water bottle kills all the germs and makes it safe to drink water from it. The water cooler needs regular servicing from a water purifier service near me in Lucknow.

Proper and expert servicing removes all the bacteria and germs from the storage tank of the water cooler. The technician comes with appropriate cleaning and disinfecting solution to clean the water cooler tank. They follow a strict procedure to ensure that the cleaning process leaves the water cooler contaminant-free and safe to store and drink water.

Maintenance Service for the Coolers to Ensure Proper Cooling

Whether you have a piped water cooler or one connected to the water supply, you need to give it proper maintenance service. Most commercial spaces have a maintenance scheme that ensures bi-annual checks for their water coolers. The service includes tank cleaning, sanitising, maintenance and repair and replacement.

Maintain a checklist to track the cleaning and maintenance procedure. In case of any emergency, you can call the RO service in Lucknow expert to perform a quick check. They unplug the dispenser before cleaning. They clean the faucets and the outer part of the water cooler with bleach. Calling the experts will ensure that the water bottle of the water cooler is also free of all contaminants.

The bottle is a part of the cooler. The expert service provider will remove the water bottle and clean its insides with a cleaning solution. They scrub the insides to clean all the build-up (if any). Then they sanitise the water cooler. Get the service providers to replace the bottle every six months.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Regular Maintenance?

Well, one hires maintenance for their water cooler to ensure hygienic standards. Not doing so will result in moisture and bacteria build-up in the water cooler tank. Negligence will lead to waterborne diseases. The offices and homes must change the filters on time. Otherwise, a clogged filter will only aid in the contamination of water.

Preventive Measures for Your Water Cooler

Follow the tips to maintain the condition of your water cooler. Firstly, do not leave it plugged into the power supply when you dispense water. Secondly, relocate the water cooler when you need to plug it into the water supply. Avoid touching the taps directly with the individual cups and bottles.

Regularly sanitise the outer area of the water cooler and dispenser. The contact parts’ sanitisation and sterilisation remove the cooler’s bacterial matter.

Ensure Zero Contact

Automatic water coolers ensure no contact with the nozzle of the cooler. It drastically reduces the chances of bacterial contamination. Bottle-less water cooler are less likely to get contamination than bottled ones.

The bottles are very convenient vehicles for germ transfer. Ensure regular cleaning for proper maintenance. Also, regular cleaning of the coolers and the coolers’ water bottles is more critical for airborne particles and germs. Regular maintenance minimises the risk of the dust impacting its ability to work.

Clean the Removable Parts

Apart from cleaning the inside and the outside of the water cooler, one must also clean the removable parts. These include the faucets, drips tray, taps, etc. It is best to clean with mild vinegar and water solution.

Let it soak for 10 minutes, and then scrub the parts clean. Thoroughly rinse to remove any dirt and vinegar smell. Dry them before putting them back.

Servicing Deep Cleans Your Water Cooler

Servicing ensures thorough sanitisation and cleaning of every part of the water cooler. The professionals will wipe the exterior portion to avoid bacterial contamination. Drip trays are one such part of the water cooler where the bacteria thrive.

Avoid stagnant water build-up on the trays. Regularly clean the trays as they are a high-contact surface. Change the water cooler filters every six months to ensure that you always have clean and safe drinking water. Change the water filters on time, or the water quality will suffer and cause health issues.

Get the Water Cooler Service

Water is essential for life. Contamination in water can cost people their healthy lives. Regular servicing reduces the need for frequent repairs. Contact dependable technicians who will identify the issue and solve it. The technicians will offer long-haul solutions to your water cooler problems. Do not delay maintenance checks.