Allied Moulded: Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Allied Moulded, we specialize in making electrical enclosures for all kinds of purposes. Our real niche is non-metallic boxes and enclosure accessories, and in order to produce them, we have to apply advanced technology and techniques to create carbon-based products at scale.

With all of these factors, we find that protecting the environment and investing in sustainable methods are crucial to our business practices. What good would it do for us to make these boxes if we trashed the environment in the process?

We understand the sheer necessity of sustainability in manufacturing, and it’s why we’re committed to sustainable practices through and through. In fact, we have a three-tiered approach to sustainability that focuses on the most important aspects of how our manufacturing fits in with the environment.

Water Use

One of the most important aspects of sustainability for large manufacturers is water management. Manufacturing, even when making adjustable electrical boxes, does use large volumes of water, and irresponsible manufacturers are capable of contaminating important water sources.

Allied Moulded approaches water sustainability in three ways. First, we try to minimize our own water use. This is done through efficiency techniques that allow us to make more products with less manufacturing time, ultimately reducing waste across the board.

Second, we take extra care to ensure our processes are not contaminating water sources. That’s a matter of engineering and accountability, and we utilize both to keep water clean.

Third, we invest in water management and conservation. Allied Moulded has designed countless electrical enclosures that are exclusively used by water management facilities and organizations. With our clean, reliable tools, water conservation and distribution centers are able to work more efficiently and reliably, delivering clean water where it is needed.


Aside from water, another major environmental concern is waste. We make non-metallic electrical enclosures. That’s a process that could produce excess waste if we weren’t careful.

Minimizing waste comes in two forms. For the first part, we specialize in custom electrical box solutions. This means that our customers have the exact boxes they need for a job. The custom design minimizes any waste associated with onsite installation. Our customers don’t have to waste boxes and materials by fighting with boxes that are less than ideal for any given application.

We also minimize waste during production. For this, we use modern modeling and prediction technology to create our custom solutions with reduced prototyping and fewer errors. This dramatically reduces production waste, minimizing our environmental footprint even as we make better products.


Lastly, we focus on emissions. For any kind of manufacturing, emissions are a concern. Allied Moulded and our global subsidiaries are committed to cutting emissions during our processes. It’s why we invest in alternative energy solutions every chance we get. We also streamline our methods to lower the inputs required to produce electrical boxes. This, in turn, lowers the total emissions produced for all of our manufacturing.

Allied Moulded is committed to continuously reducing our emissions and providing sustainable solutions to our customers. You can expect us to continue to find ways to improve our water management, cut waste, and remove emissions from the process.