A Comprehensive Buying Guide to Lawn Mowers in 2022

Mowing is likely the first thing that comes to mind when considering grass. Therefore, this post will offer you a quick overview of the various kinds of lawn mower parts that are accessible, the types of lawns they work best on, and some crucial advice to help you obtain the perfect trim.

It’s crucial to consider the area and topography of your yard before making a mower purchase. The following are the essential factors to think about while purchasing a lawn mower:

  • How big is your grass
  • How big is your mower
  • Your mower’s velocity
  • Lawn circumstances
  • Size & type of mower
  • Species of grass

The best part is that you can take inspiration from this buying guide when purchasing various lawn mower parts. Here is a rundown of every factor you should consider while picking the ideal components.

Lawn’s Size

It would help if you first considered the area of your lawn before making a mower purchase. A typical acre, or 13,277 sq meters, is acceptable for push mowers.

You’ll probably want to invest in a ride-on mower if your lawn is larger. Therefore, consider precisely how often you must do the lawn mowing during a hectic weekend before choosing which lawn mower, and pick your machinery correspondingly.

The size of your land does affect your lawn mowing duration, and more extensive lawns take longer to mow.

Mower’s Size

How long it takes to mow your lawn depends on the dimensions of the lawn mower deck.

The grass can be mowed more quickly with a broader deck because it enables the lawn mower to trim a wider section of the lawn in a quick pass. Larger mowers often cost more since their longer blades need a stronger engine.

Mower’s Speed

Many lawn mowers are made to cut grass more quickly. The engine’s size heavily influences how quickly your lawn mower runs and how quickly the rotors can spin.

To achieve a uniform cut and prevent hurting your grass, it’s always crucial to have sharp tools and to slow down when using your lawn mower.

Lawn Conditions

The state of your grass significantly impacts how long it’ll take to mow. You will need substantially more time to mow an area with several bends, trees, slopes, fences, and other barriers than a square plot without impediments.

The time it will require to mow the lawn is difficult to estimate, but the more barriers the land has, the longer you will need to mow. Mowing or navigating through muddy or unkempt patches of grass can take more time.

Mower Type & Yard Size

A push mower generally works well for 0.75 acres and under yards. The lawn mower deck—the actual breadth the lawn mower will clear with one pass—can be as small as your yard allows.

  • Your push mower should be 16 inches and over if your plot is 0 to 100 m2 in size (1 push equals 16 inches).
  • The best mower for a 100–200 m2 yard is at least 18 inches long.
  • For areas larger than 300 m2, consider a mower between 19 and 21 inches.
A ride-on mower is appropriate for larger lawns larger than 500 m2.

When manoeuvring around trees, flower gardens, and other geographical features, ride-on lawn mowers with motors at the rear offer outstanding manoeuvrability and exceptional vision. There are ride-on mowers with 28 to 42 inches wide decks and 12- to 20-horsepower engines.

Ending Note

With this comprehensive guide, you can now find it easy, simple, and convenient to buy the most advanced, effective, and highly functioning lawn mower in Australia.